We laugh, but this is exactly the mindset. I want two questions answered publicly from every candidate for elected office ever: "Do you believe in the literal Biblical Apocalypse, and if so, do you believe it will happen in your lifetime?" If they don't think they have to worry about the future, I don't want them… » 10/14/14 10:13am 10/14/14 10:13am

Minas Tirith was never meant to be a city. You want ports, loading yards, stables, markets, etc, you go to Osgiliath on the Anduin. That's the great city, the Capital of Gondor. Minas Tirith is the Tower of Guard, was always meant solely as a fortress. » 10/02/14 11:12am 10/02/14 11:12am

Foods that are popular in each state - and only that state. That's why we have six states listing "grits".

If you want a unique food from Missouri, you've got a couple to choose from (none of which are succotash) - Fried Ravioli (yum), with Gooey Butter Cake for dessert. I can feel my heart failing already. » 9/11/14 1:12pm 9/11/14 1:12pm

There's an important moment in that episode for the Doctor as well - he has the chance to un-do the entire History of the Daleks. Yet he hesitates, and eventually fails, because he questions whether he has the right to do so. That's something that seems to be missing from much of nu-Who. I miss it. » 8/25/14 6:07pm 8/25/14 6:07pm

The biggest reason I'm looking forward to Capaldi, and it was somewhat justified in this episode, is that since the start of New Who, ever regeneration has had the Doctor appearing younger. 11 was practically a child. I'm looking forward to the gravitas. And the eyebrows. » 8/24/14 1:22am 8/24/14 1:22am